Streets of Rio

An odd and noisy city with beautiful, soft, sunlit beaches. Rio is a city with one knocking pulse. In southeastern Brazil. The City also has shrinking economy and a wide range of corruption cases combined with something very special. A sparkling unity. This is the city with cutting contrasts.

Thailand: Child Warriors fight for Money

“Yodkonpon Trang. 15 Years Old. 44 kilograms in the blue corner. Yodsean Trang. 15 Years Old. 44 kilograms in the red corner”, the fight’s announcer yells. The Stadium is shrouded in florescent lights. Noisy drums and pipes drowns out people conversating. It’s 9:00 PM. Tuesday night. The art of eight limbs The two Boys take turns to go…

Hindus wash away their sins

It’s 5 a.m. And it’s freezing cold. We’re at the most sacred river to Hindus – but also one of the most polluted rivers in the world – The Ganges River. Horns howl at a steady pace, and there is a thick fog over the Holy River just outside Varanasi in northern India. Hindus gather here to attempt to…

Postcards from Tokyo

Vibrant. Relaxing. Old. New. Noisy. Meditative. The contradictions are overwhelming in the world’s most populous capital city, colorful Tokyo.

200 Volunteers help drugadicts

With help from more than 200 volunteers, Copenhagen has now got it’s first, permanent injection room. But the battle has been fierce. It took more than 35 years, before politicians of Denmark, the local area in Copenhagen and some of the country’s most socially and health vulnerable citizens, the drug users, could find a more humane solution…