With help from more than 200 volunteers, Copenhagen has now got it’s first, permanent injection room. But the battle has been fierce. It took more than 35 years, before politicians of Denmark, the local area in Copenhagen and some of the country’s most socially and health vulnerable citizens, the drug users, could find a more humane solution to the problem.

Since 2011 one of Denmark’s greatest comedians, Frank Hvam, has been the chairman of the association fixerum, the two mobile injection rooms in Copenhagen, in order to create a more dignified life for drug addicts in Copenhagen (it’s him in the first picture below). Now, as Copenhagen has establish a permanent injection room, the the association fixerum will shut down mid October. The goal is reached! But it couldn’t have been achieved without the volunteers.

You can meet some of them here and two of the drug users. © Claus Randrup