“Yodkonpon Trang. 15 Years Old. 44 kilograms in the blue corner. Yodsean Trang. 15 Years Old. 44 kilograms in the red corner”, the fight’s announcer yells. The Stadium is shrouded in florescent lights. Noisy drums and pipes drowns out people conversating. It’s 9:00 PM. Tuesday night.

The art of eight limbs
The two Boys take turns to go along the outer edge of the ring, sliding their hands along the top of the ropes, which their heads barely reaches. They make a pause to bow in each of the ring’s four corners. The pre fight dance is one of the important traditions of Muay Thai boxing. Alternatively known as the “art of eight limbs”.

Brutal Business
The tradition of child boxing, a full-contact sport, has brought Thailand the ire of human rights activists, who see the practice as dangerous for the children. It’s a brutal business, where the child boxers fight in order to bring prize money back to their families.

Info: Ancient art form
Muay Thai has been practiced as an art form and fighting technique in Thailand since the 12th century.